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Nine Go-To Getaways

We asked a few of our favorite designers to share their ultimate weekend escape route, from the Catskills to Vegas to... Amish country.
Photo: Andy Ryan

Drive well. Dress well.

Whether you live in Brooklyn, Minneapolis, or L.A., there’s nothing quite like an impromptu getaway—throw a few key items of clothing in your duffel, grab your significant other, crank the tunes, and hit the open road. Before you embark on your next spur-of-the-moment excursion, kit yourself out with Summer Getaway Essentials sale. And before you do that, take some destination inspiration from a few of our favorite men’s designers.

Jeff Halmos: The Catskills.
“Brian Wilson’s voice from Pet Sounds will help send positive vibes to my car’s engine. Upon arrival at this place I know of only because I dropped a pin on my iPhone map at some point this summer, I’d hike up to some waterfalls, take dips in swimming holes, jump off little cliffs, eat a Clean Slate sandwich from Saltie that I picked up before departing, and get some much needed tan on my whiter-than-I’d-like-it-to-be-at-this-time-of-year body. No towel needed—air drying is the way to go.

“Before heading back down south, I’d stop by Del’s Dairy Creme in Rhinebeck for an afternoon snack. Then I’d get back in my car, only this time the harmonizing lyrics of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young will be the car’s guiding light en route home. As some of the hippies in my CU dorm would’ve said, ‘reallllll kind day, maaan.'”

Jeff Halmos is co-designer of Shipley & Halmos

Michael Bastian: L.A. to Las Vegas.
“There’s nothing better than the drive from LA to Vegas on a clear perfect day — somehow that’s America to me. It actually feels more like some kind of spiritual boat trip between two islands than a regular drive.”

In addition to his own collection, Michael Bastian designs GANT by Michael Bastian

Todd Snyder: Lake George, NY.
“If I had a day with nothing to do I would drive 4-5 hours to Lake George and just chill… it’s my favorite place to relax and enjoy nature. The drive is nice as well. Upstate is beautiful this time of year — it’s a lot less muggy than the city and about 10 degrees cooler. I would take most of the back roads once getting to Adirondacks, put all the windows down and just drive along the winding roads and listen to my favorite music… a mix of The National, Morrissey, New Order, Phoenix, and Arcade Fire. I’d also stop along the way for local treats like cider doughnuts and ice cream. At my destination, Bolton Landing, I would stay at The Sagamore and have a cold local craft beer from Davidson Brothers in Glens Falls.”

Todd Snyder is designer of Todd Snyder New York

Mac McMillan: The Minnesota Arrowhead.
“I’d wake up at 4am and head north to the Arrowhead along Lake Superior, stop at Tobies in Hinckley along the way for some coffee, hit my favorite trout/salmon stream just North of Two Harbors late morning, and just start casting away. Pack up late afternoon, stop on in at Betty’s along Highway 61 and scarf down a piece or three of their legendary blueberry pie. In a food coma at this point, so I’d inhale a few p-funks, drive back down to Minneapolis listening to a Washed Out/This American Life/Grateful Dead compilation, and stop in at Kramarczuk’s Ukrainian Deli in Northeast Minneapolis to take down some Polish Sausage and sauerkraut. Walk around the corner to Keegan’s Irish Pub and proceed to wash it down with a pint of Guinness and a glass of Powers. Good to go.”

Along with his wife Katherine, Mac runs Pierrepont Hicks, and the roving tradeshow Northern Grade.

Michael Saiger: Santa Barbara to San Francisco.
“I’d start at French Press in Santa Barbara for a morning coffee, then literally just drive the 1 straight North towards San Francisco, stopping for a surf session in Santa Cruz at The Hook, followed by a casual lunch at Harbor Café.”

Michael Saiger is designer of Miansai

Daniel Silver: Gloversville, NY. “Our good friend Daniel Storto lives up there. He’s the most amazing glove designer and he happens to do all the gloves for Duckie Brown. We’d talk about Fall 2014 and figure out what kind of gloves would be just right for the next collection. Afterwards we’d go swimming in a creek near by and then do dinner in Sharon Springs at the American Hotel.”

Daniel and his partner Steven Cox are co-designers of Duckie Brown, Mr. Brown by Duckie Brown, and Florsheim by Duckie Brown.

George Esquivel: The California Coast.
“For just one day’s travel I would say that driving down the California Coast is a pretty amazing journey. Starting  just outside of San Francisco to be free of the traffic, my first stop would be somewhere in San Simeon roughly four hours into the drive. Grab lunch at a local spot near the beach. My next stop would be Santa Barbara, another two-and-a-half hours away. There’s a Mexican restaurant I really like there named La Super Rica, perfect for a pre-dinner snack. Ideally I would love to time the drive so I can arrive at my final destination — The Montage resort in Laguna Beach — to watch the Sunset with a glass of something bubbly from my bedroom balcony.”

George is designer of Esquivel Shoes, and creative director of Tumi.

Cuan Hanly: Beacon, NY, and Poughkeepsie, NY.
“Though not one of the most famous roads, 9W running up the westerly edge of the Hudson is one of my favorite close-to-home drives. Leave Brooklyn (early to avoid traffic) and head to the G.W. Bridge and take an immediate right onto the 9W, which winds its way up the side of the Hudson and through into Harriman State Park. Then cross over the Bear Mountain Bridge, which has got to be one of the nicest bridges in the area. Once on the east side of the Hudson, make your way on I-90 to the town of Beacon and stop off at Dia Beacon, my favorite art gallery in New York. After indulging in some Warhol and Serra, head back to 9W and up to Poughkeepsie, which passes the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge, which was built in 1886 and was not only the first to cross the Hudson but the longest bridge in the world. Built as a railway bridge, it has not been pedestrianized and at 212 feet above the river it affords some of the most spectacular views down the Hudson, well worth the walk across — but be careful if there’s a thunderstorm around as it’s a little exposed!

“Back in the car and head over to the west side on the Hudson on the 55 and pick up the southbound 9W. This will bring you through the Storm King park which is a must stop off and if you can manage to hitch some bikes to the back of your car then cycle around the park and see some amazing sculptures. Stay on the 9W all the way back to home and stop off at Building on Bond (corner of Pacific and Bond in Brooklyn) for a restorative beverage.

“Total milage: approx. 180.”

Cuan Hanly is VP and brand director for Jack Spade.

Billy Reid: Lancaster, PA.
“My longterm plan is to turn modern-day Amish. I’d pack a few drinks and buy Amish produce and food on the side of the road — you need cash, they don’t take credit cards. I’d figure out a place to stay while on the road, or I’d drive back to the city late that night.”

Billy is founder and designer of Billy Reid.

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