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A brief tour thorugh GQ's impressively comprehensive new "13th issue"

It's What to Read Now.

In an age when far too many print publications are grasping for graceful ways to contract, GQ is expanding its monthly cadence to include a “13th issue”. Called, descriptively enough, What to Wear Now, the new book is technically one of those seasonal “special reports” that you find in supermarket checkout lines (you know, the ones with titles like Bubbles: A Life — 1,001 Shocking Facts About Michael Jackson’s Tragically Misunderstood Chimp, or Liz Taylor: A Life in Photos. Of Weddings.). But unlike the hasty repackage jobs that more and more publishers are kicking out in order to shore up their balance sheets, the GQ version is brimming with fresh intel, insight, and tips, ripped from the runways and retail world and translated into actionable advice designed to see you through the season ahead.

Credit that for its source material: Jim Moore’s legendary, biannual Trend Report, a massive internal presentation the GQ creative director and his team prepare twice a year, outlining the season’s key trends and the GQ take on each. A while back, Moore & Co. realized that, hey, this might have some real value for guys outside the walls of GQ HQ, and for the past several seasons they’ve been putting a version of the Report online. Consider What to Wear Now Jim’s newest Trend Report report come to full fruition, with a major assist from senior style editor — and master packager — Will Welch.

So what’s in it? Some awesome photo work, for one. The runway shots are expertly chosen, the behind-the-scenes photos from Givenchy, Bottega, Rag & Bone, Raf Simons, and others are even better; and the archival shots are even better than that. Basquiat in a toggle coat? Steve McQueen looking not rugged, but downright dapper, in a DB? Who knew?

I can’t say I’m totally feeling every single one of the 30—yes, 30—“looks/trends/suits/secrets/Things That Are Happening Out There That Have an Excellent Chance of Making You Look Awesome,” as editor in chief Jim Nelson describes WTWN‘s organizing structure, but I’ll say this: There are 30 of them. Surely there are 15 in there for you. And that, of course, is the point. Because, as attractive as those fun facts about Bubbles are, 15 ways to look sharp (to borrow a phrase) in the season ahead for $12.99 feels like a bargain.

And speaking of bargains, pick up your own copy starting August 27, then head back here to translate all that canny inspiration into action.

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