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Julia Liu's Essential Pieces for Fall

For the latest in our series of buyer’s pick sales, men’s buyer Julia Liu had a strong theme in mind — the dark, tough look favored by downtown types, rockers, and motorcyclists. Don’t fall into one of those categories? As Julia explains below, that really doesn’t matter — these are pieces that will add instant style to your wardrobe regardless of your zip code, profession, or preferred method of transportation.

Tell me in a sentence (or two or three) what this sale is all about.
Downtown edge. Men’s fashion has been sartorial for a long time, so it’s refreshing to mix things up a bit, whether it be with a pair of black jeans or a leather moto jacket.

That’s a good point—it makes you stand out in a room full of suits or business-casual wearers. What kind of guy do you imagine wearing these pieces?
A guy who’s confident and not afraid to show his tough side (in terms of style that is).It’s an easy look to pull off for any guy, though, because leather or black anything adds instant style.

I was going to ask—for a guy who might not be used to wearing much black or leather, what would be a good way to start incorporating these pieces into his wardrobe?
The Wings + Horns leather moto jacket is an easy place to start. It doesn’t have too many hardware details, which can be intimidating for some.

Any other favorite pieces in the sale you’re especially feeling?
Yes! The Alternative Apparel baseball jacket is another favorite of mine. It’s a great option for the guy who doesn’t want to invest in a varsity jacket but still wants that look and feel.

Awesome. For those who may not know the difference between a baseball jacket and a varsity jacket, could you explain?
A varsity jacket traditionally has a wool body and full leather sleeves, whereas a baseball jacket is usually made of nylon, cotton, or another single type of fabric like suede.

Thanks! Lastly, this look of dark, downtown cool is coming at a great time considering the change in weather, no?
This look is perfect for fall and easy to pull off—dark jeans, grey tee, cool jacket and you’re done!.

Shop Julia’s picks, on sale now at Gilt Man >

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