The XX Factor

Don't Go Changin' (Especially Not for Fashion Week)

Memo to the men of New York Fashion Week: skip the peacocking and focus on the details.
Photo: Style Salvage

Style Rule No. 637: The color of the toy trucks on your bracelet should always tie back to the color of the smiley face thingys on your pants.

Welcome to New York Fashion Week — a k a, open season to don a fez, try turquoise pants, and layer on enough chains to rival Mr. T., all in an attempt to catch the Sartorialist’s eye. Right?

Wrong. So, so wrong, gentlemen.

I’m sure the female opinion here factors somewhere around “thanks, but no thanks,” but it needs to be said by someone with two X chromosomes: Dressing for the cameras isn’t going to help your luck with the ladies.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with turning up the volume on your already-established style soundtrack when the shows roll around—much like us, we know you’re dressing for each other this time of year—but plucking a head-to-toe look from the runway in a shameless attempt to land on a Japanese street style blog is straight-up try-hard. No matter how much swagger you possess, you will never, ever look like you regularly order a tall skim latte, then insert your Givenchy crystal septum ring.

Keep your NYFW transformation in check. Follow the same style credo you do all year, and amp up the details. Start with impeccable fit (pants with a perfect break, a blazer that grazes your shoulders just so, a custom-made shirt whose sleeves peek out the requisite half-inch). Add well-made shoes and a timeless watch. Then grant yourself permission to let loose juuust enough, in the form of bold socks, a neatly folded pocket square, and okay, maybe a couple of stacked bracelets that help you hold on to the last licks of summer.

You’ll feel like you, which will be helpful for generating a genuine smile when your well-dressed self is inevitably asked to have your photo snapped.

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