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Gilt's stylish social media guru on that one thing you need to do to get more Instagram followers, plus what guys should (and should not) be wearing for fall.

Gabe Alonso on that Classical Lean.

Gabe Alonso joined Gilt last year as a senior editor on the men’s team, and recently started a cool new gig as Gilt’s resident social media guru. Fittingly, when the folks at Time Out New York were looking to profile a bunch of the city’s social media cool kids for their new fall fashion issue, they hit up Mr. Alonso. Read below to hear Gabe’s views on what every guy should (and should not) be wearing for fall, plus his tips on how to get more Instagram followers. Then, click over to Gilt to shop his sale inspired by Gabe’s Time Out looks.

First up, how’s life now that you’ve departed the men’s team for the greener pastures of Gilt’s social media department? Are they really greener? (Say it ain’t so.)
I wouldn’t say the pastures are greener, just a different shade of green. Both have an equally excellent array of flora and fauna. Now that I’ve butchered that analogy, I’ll say the men’s team taught me a helluva lot about the Gilt business and it’s only helped to make my transition smoother and more successful.

How would you describe your style?
Definitely classically leaning with a modern twist. To be perfectly honest, I’m a bit all over the place. I love my Air Force 1s as much as I love my Allen Edmond Strands. My mood dictates my style. I just try to adhere to details like accessories and fit no matter what kind of “genre” I wear.

What’s something that every man should be wearing for fall?
Tweed. Lots of Tweed. And a varsity jacket (not a baseball jacket).

What’s something that every man should NOT be wearing for fall?
Shorts past September. Seriously guys, just put them away. And flip flops (though you shouldn’t be wearing those outside of a pool or beach anyways).

I want more Instagram followers. Got any tips?
Lots of crotch selfies. Kidding. Sort of. In all seriousness, the guys that do it well tell a great story of what excites and inspires them, as well as the great work they’re doing. My favorites? Guys like Sean Hotchkiss, Justin Chung, Sam Horine, Niraj Mehdiratta… they’re all constantly making me envious of their lives (and talents).

What’s going to be the next big thing in the wild world of social media?
The pressure! Everyone’s already touting the resurgence of video as the “new” social content medium of the moment (see: Vine, Instagram video). So, leaving that aside for a moment, I think the biggest changes will be on the brand-side, not consumer-side. More mobile/experience-based content will definitely be the norm as mobile usage (tablet and phone) continues to increase dramatically. And I truly think Gilt is going to continue to lead the charge in a highly-personalized user experience across all platforms, that will be aided and made more valuable by engaged social communities.

Where have all the bloggers gone?
They finally realized (myself included) that blogger bucks only get you so far and got real jobs. I’m joking but I’m also kind of serious. Most, if not all, the guys I “grew up with” in the #menswear scene are now kicking butt in the real world at places like GQ, Esquire, Gilt (ahem), Complex, Four Pins, et al. It’s awesome to see how we’ve all matured (I use that word lightly) together over the last four years or so.

What’s your favorite piece from the sale?
Probably the Levi’s Made & Crafted Blanket Stripe Vest. It’s a great piece to layer over a sweater or denim jacket for a little more pop to an otherwise “meh” casual rig. Plus, I’m big into layers in the fall, so this falls right in line with my seasonal style strategy.

As you well know, we at Gilt are currently loving September. What’s your favorite thing about the #BESTMONTHEVER?

Besides the fact that yours truly happened to be born on the ninth (yes, I spent 9/9/1999 watching the VMAs), it has to be the weather. It’s not too hot, not too cold — perfect for lightweight layering. Did I mention it was my birthday?

Shop Gabe’s picks on Gilt >

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