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Lawrence Schlossman

The Four Pins editor on pocket squares, function over form, and the joy of Fashion Week.
Photo: Liam Goslett

Function equals fashion outside Michael Bastian.

We’re kicking off our New York Fashion Week series of sales inspired by the style of the street with an old friend: Four Pins editor in chief Lawrence Schlossman, who previously worked at Gilt as a social media editor. (You may also know him as the co-author of Tumblr-cum-book F**k Yeah Menswear, and the man behind the widely-followed Tumblr How to Talk to Girls at Parties.) Photographer Liam Goslett found him looking casual and cool outside Michael Bastian. Head over to Gilt to shop his look, but first, a few words from the man himself.

How would you describe your look?
Cool dad. Like you, dude.

How has your look evolved over the past couple years?
Function is starting to outweigh form. You can dress any way comfortably, whether you’re suited and booted or super casual, but based on the job I have it just made more sense for me to dress it down, focusing on function over form.

Who are your your style icons?
Josh Peskowitz, Eugene Tong. Those two, as far as industry guys who nail it, get it, set the trends. And that’s an answer that everyone gives, but that’s because it’s the right answer, objectively.

What’s on your shopping list right now?
Some really great T-shirts.

What’s the best thing about September?
Fashion Week. Anyone who says they’re jaded by Fashion Week is sort of an asshole, because it’s super fun, regardless of how long you’ve been doing it. Seeing the people who inspire me. Everyone’s so busy that it’s great that for 10 straight days you can see some of the most talented, coolest, nicest, most talented people who work in fashion, and be inspired by them, and spend some time with some truly wonderful folks.

Shop the sale inspired by Lawrence’s style on Gilt >>

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