Meet Mr. September, Your Guide to the Best. Month. Ever.

He's ready to help you get the most out of the 30 days ahead. Plus: a weekly chance to win $150 in Gilt credit!
Photo: Tom Schirmacher

No one's Septembrier than Rojas.

July is the hottest month, January’s the coldest and we’re pretty sure some guy once called April the cruelest. But which month is the most underrated? No brainer: September.

Think about it. Fall is on the way, but it’s not quite here yet. The days are warm, and the nights are crisp and cool — the perfect excuse to layer up in style after a summer spent in trunks and tees. Meanwhile, beaches, lakes, and golf courses are relatively empty and inviting; rooftop bars are just the right amount of mellow, and the menu at that farm-to-table place around the corner is bursting with tasty goodness.

In other words, it’s a damn good time of year.

And we at Gilt Man are here to help you get the most of it, and September its due. Look for a weekly series of “Transitional Picks” sales (starting Wednesday, Sept. 4 at noon ET), designed to help you ease back into the season in style; a cheeky rundown of great moments in September history every Monday; and — best of all — a weekly chance to score $150 in Gilt credit. How? Post a shot of yourself living that September Lifestyle to Instagram, tag it #SeptemberSelfie, and let those “likes” start rolling in. (Click for more on how to enter.)

Are you ready to join Team September? You’re damn right you are.

And, because every team needs a mascot, we’ve enlisted DJ, gadabout, social media guru, and all-around man of style Steven Rojas to put on a clinic in doing September right. (Where does the swagger end and the self deprecation begin? That’s an open question. )

You can call him Steven. You can call him Rojas. Or you can call him what we call him: Mr. September. Just don’t call him at 3am begging for help in getting past the doorman. Because Mr. September has better things to do. Follow his exploits on the @giltman instagram feed and you’ll see what we mean.

Ready to get the most out of the month with the mostest? Head to Instagram to post your best #septemberselfie, and you could win $150 in Gilt credit. The winners of the first contest will be chosen at 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday, September 8, by Mr. September himself, and announced the next day, Monday, Sept. 9.

Meantime, find out a bit more on Steven “Mr. September” Rojas, and his own (actually quite legitimate) approach to style.

So, my understanding is that you’ve actually got a day job.
That’s right. I’m director of social media and promotions at the Grandlife Hotels.

If one wanted to live a Grander life, what would be your advice?
Only do the things that you love. If you start doing things that you’re told to do, you’re not going to be happy.

But you just told somebody to do that.
I guess you’re right! So don’t listen to me, listen to yourself.

How would you describe your look?
It’s sharp but fun.

Much like Mr. September’s sense of humor. How are you dressing differently than you were a couple years ago?
I no longer look like a hipster douchebag from the Lower East Side — skinny jeans and band T-shirts, dirty sneakers. Now it’s suits.

How do you expect to be dressing differently a few years from now?
I’d love to be that dad who takes his kids to school and is dressed really cool. I’m not trying to be cool like the younger generation, but you know when you see men and you’re like “That guy’s got it together.”

So wait, did you just inadvertently announce to the ladies that you’re looking to put down roots?
Let’s not freak anyone out, but yes, one day.

What’s the one thing every guy should be wearing in September.
It’s a good time to start blazering it up. Summer in the city is too hot to throw on a blazer, but I feel like you can start throwing on a nice blazer. Doesn’t have to be a suit—it can be a T-shirt with a blazer, and you still have that cool, September vibe.

What should a guy not be wearing in September?
Tank tops. I’m not a tank top fan.

What’s on your shopping list?
More suits. You spend so much of the summer in short-sleeved shirts, it’s just too hot for suits.

You’ve got to make that transition, with one foot in summer, and one in fall.
Yep, and you can throw in some of those lightweight sweaters.

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?
I don’t think I’ve ever really asked for style advice. I just pick it up from people who dress well.

In other words, you just look in the mirror. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten?
I recently hit Jean Georges. Everything was amazing. My taste buds were freaking out. I checked in on Foursquare, and Jean Georges himself came over and said, “I saw you checked in, and just wanted to say hi.” It’s an older, stuffier clientele, and we were the younger ruffians in the room, and everyone was like “Whoah, who are these guys?”

Mr. September and his entourage, that’s who! Like so many of history’s great men, you’re also a DJ. What’s the most epic set you’ve ever played?
I used to play a party called Ruff Club in the basement of the Annex on the Lower East side. Every Friday night it was the most epic, crazy energetic scene you could imagine: hipster, punk, dance, gay, goth, skater kids — like something out of a Beastie Boys video. All the music that was coming out was fast and dancy and energetic — Bloc Party and the Strokes and We Are Scientists and Hot Hot Heat — and it was the right time for those kids to get crazy.

But I never want to go back, because I don’t think my liver could survive it. At the time, though, all the stupid decisions I made seemed on point.

Kids, you heard it here first: Enjoy September responsibly.

Read all the amazing fine print or our #SeptemberSelfie contest here, then get ready to get your September look on >>

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