This Week in September History (Sept. 16–22 Edition)

Like we keep telling you: It's. The. Greatest. Month. Ever. Here are a few things that went down this week in Septembers past.

Possibly the coolest man ever born, Bill Murray, joined us on September 21st, 1950.

We’re helping you celebrate the most underrated month in the annual calendar with a weekly series of sales devoted to helping you master the art of transitioning from summer to fall with style (look for the next one this coming Wednesday), plus a weekly giveaway for the best #SeptemberSelfie. (Click for more on how to enter.) Meantime, a few highlights from this week in September History.

September 16.

1620: The Mayflower departed from Plymouth, England, with 102 future Americans onboard.

1630: The village of Shawmut changed its name to Boston. Good, good decade in U.S. history.

1998: Meryl Streep received a well-earned star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1956: Mickey Rourke was born.

September 17.

1983: Vanessa Williams became the first black woman to be crowned Miss America.

1998: An American Airlines flight made an emergency stop in Denver because a passenger had become violent after meeting Hootie & The Blowfish on the plane. We’ve all been there.

1999: Eminem had a $10 million lawsuit filed against him. By his mom. Oy vey.

1935: Ken Kesey was born.

September 18.

1851: The first issue of The New York Times was published. It was four pages long.

2004: Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were joined in sweet and holy matrimony.

1952: Dee Dee Ramone was born.

September 19.

1982: Scott Fahlman became the first person to use :-) in an online message. The world would never be the same again.

1949: Twiggy was born.

September 20.

1970: Jim Morrison was found guilty, in Miami of indecent exposure and profanity. He was acquitted on charges of “lewd and lascivious” behavior. The charges were related to a performance by the Doors, and also to his extremely tight leather pants.

1934: Sophia Loren was born.

September 21.

1893: Frank Duryea took what is believed to be the first gasoline-powered automobile for a test drive. The “horseless carriage” was designed by Frank and Charles Duryea.

1897: The New York Sun ran the Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus editorial. It was in response to a letter from 8-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon.

1937: J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit was first published.

1866: H.G. Wells was born.

1950: As was the world’s coolest dude, Bill Murray.

September 22.

1992: MTV Unplugged renamed one episode MTV Plugged when Bruce Springsteen played an electric set on the show.

1960: Joan Jett was born.

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