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You should never cheat on your wife, but you can cheat on your barber once in a while. Like, when the folks at Harry’s invite you to get an advance…


A Visit to Harry’s New Corner Shop

Shaves, haircuts, dude-friendly gear — another digital endeavor gets real. And does it well.

To help future grooms navigate our wedding event — check it out here — we asked our friend Jonathan Evans for a little advice. What makes him qualified to dispense wedding style wisdom? He’s…

How To

The Rules of Wedding Style, ca. Fall 2013

A former Gilt Man editor — and, more importantly, soon to be married man — on how to get your wedding apparel in order.

Exactly 100 years ago on the Lower East Side in New York City, brothers Irving and Jack Schott started producing raincoats in their basement, which were sold door-to-door and called…

Brands You Should Know


What do Marlon Brando, The Ramones, and ace pilots in WWII have in common? A love for Schott, one of the most iconic American brands still in existence.