A Visit to Harry’s New Corner Shop

Shaves, haircuts, dude-friendly gear — another digital endeavor gets real. And does it well.

As the "H" in the tile floor implies, this ain't no popup.

You should never cheat on your wife, but you can cheat on your barber once in a while. Like, when the folks at Harry’s invite you to get an advance look at The Corner Shop, which opened at Macdougal and Houston in New York. (Sorry, Igor—I’ll be back in your chair in 3-4 weeks, promise!). Harry’s is an online retailer, and if there’s one thing that we know about online retail in 2013, it’s that it requires a physical storefront. At least that’s the philosophy of “omni-channel” brands like Warby Parker (which Harry’s founder Jeff Raider helped launch), Bonobos, and others. (For now anyway, if you want to shop Gilt in a bricks-and-mortar environment, you can take your iPhone to The Corner Shop and log on at noon. Or you could stop by our Nov. 8 warehouse sale in NYC, which you really should do anyway because Thom Browne and Zac Posen’s reimagined Infiniti Q50s will be on site for your viewing pleasure.) But I digress.

There's a hair helmet joke in here somewhere.

Like everything Harry’s, the shop is modern in a retro way (or maybe it’s retro in a modern way). You’ll find the full array of Harry’s shave products and German-engineered razors, as well as assorted balms, elixirs, and creams from other brands, including Ursa Major and Baxter, plus a well edited collection of gear that has nothing to do with shaves and haircuts. It’s commerce as décor, and when it’s this well done it’s a cool thing indeed. Want a pair of Sleepy Jones boxers to go with your haircut? Why not?

If you’re in the neighborhood and in need of a trim (or a $299 boom box from high-design Swiss brand Geneva), stop by. Or, if you want to know more about the brand, click through the Harry’s online magazine, Five O’Clock. It’s the brainchild of Sean Hotchkiss, who cut his teeth at the GQ Eye and writes regularly on cool stuff for places like Man of the World, it’s as well done as everything else in the Harry’s universe. The best feature is an ongoing series on various cool guys’ morning routines. Note to Ted Harrington: You’re still the effin’ man, but Chad Buri’s a.m. steeze is next level. Dude has four young kids and still finds time to play chess—and catch the 7:25 to Grand Central?

Chad happens to work for Andy Spade, whose firm Partners & Spade helped oversee branding for Harry’s. Small world. But, if these guys have anything to say about it, an expanding one, too.


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