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Slate & Stone

The New York brand’s founder and designer on growing up in the fashion industry, how his background in music management gives some attitude to his design aesthetic, and the best pieces from his new collection.

Slate & Stone designer Jeff Jacobs’s background is in managing up-and-coming musicians, but he grew up in the fashion industry — his dad was a designer, too. Now, Jacobs is combining the family’s fashion history with the rebel spirit of the musicians he’s worked with over the years. We’re excited to be offering Slate & Stone on Gilt today, and we asked Jacobs for a bit more background on the brand.

Before starting Slate & Stone you worked in music management. What kinds of bands did you work with, and how do they factor into the way you design?
I took a lot from the rebellious spirit associated with up-and-coming musicians to create Slate & Stone, which is a line of cool and young menswear pieces, with modern fits, updated prints, and surprising details. Some of the people I worked with might not have been the most fashion-forward, but their creativity and determination were definitely infectious.

But fashion is the family business, right?
My father, Gary Jacobs, had a branded clothing line and did extensive private label and product development for the Limited stores, among others. Traveling with him to Europe and Asia gave me a world of experience and a lot of relationships that have allowed me to create Slate & Stone. My most memorable experiences growing up were spending time at my father’s office, feeling fabrics and watching him work with his design team. Slate & Stone’s offices and showroom are located in the Garment District, and I’m proud to be in an area with so much history — both within the industry and within the family.

Tell me a little about your fabrication.
We source all of our fabrics from Europe, and our clothing is made by the best from all over the world. With my father’s manufacturing background, I was lucky to start the brand with a wealth of resources and contacts.

Who are you inspired by?
I’m constantly inspired by the diverse neighborhoods of New York City and the amazing street style I see every day. I also get inspiration from my international travels, because the Slate & Stone man is a jetsetter. I don’t think it’s necessarily all about what the biggest movie star is wearing anymore, because there are amazing bloggers from all over the world who post creative images for us all to look at.

What is the Slate & Stone guy like?
Slate & Stone is designed for the urban adventurer. It’s for the contemporary gentleman, the man who is just departing on his journey to, and the man who has arrived on his path of success. We’d like to think that there is an air of aspiration and excitement to the line, which includes interesting details and quality materials, like the lambswool and alpaca we use in some of our sweaters.

Do you have any favorite pieces in this sale?
The Smith jacket, because it’s sleek and cool. I love the long lines and the ‘city’ vibe it gives off. The Fulton jacket because it’s a new take on the classic sherpa-lined jacket. It’s got great detail, right down to the subtly branded buttons. I especially love it in black. Lastly, the Crosby turtleneck: This is a very well-made heavy cable-knit, a staple that every guy should have in his closet.

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