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Denim shirts, Good looks for the holidays, and more

Style advice from the author of everybody's favorite viral fratshionstau email.

Dear Fratshanistau,

I recently bought a new suit in preparation for the interviews I have coming up this Spring. I want to look professional, and I’m told that getting it hemmed will go a long way. However, the suit already put me back a lot and I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford a good tailor. Do you have any suggestions?


Sounds like a tough spot! There are ways to hem your own pants and jacket at home, but who wants to cut up their own investment? Honestly, no more than $15-20 for a tailor can get those pants fitting and looking better than an expensive brand name. However, if you really want to keep the wallet as fat as possible, self-hemming tape is an option. Next time make sure to budget in some tailoring, it goes a long way!

Hey Jon,

I want to buy a denim shirt but have no idea what I should be looking for. Can you help a bro out?

From Jon

A nice denim shirt can really pull together a wardrobe, but how do we pick the right one? I will highlight some important guidelines when looking for the right denim shirt.

Say No to the Acid Wash: It can be very fashionable, but on most casual wearers it only looks questionable.

A Stitch in Time, Saves Ridicule: Unless you are a cowboy there should be no decorative stitching above the chest pocket (or anywhere else, really).

Round the Hem: The denim shirt is a casual piece so find one with a round hem rather than sharp edges.

Simplify the chest pocket: Be sure to steer clear of pockets with the triangle flap, they look more at home on the range than the streets.

Finally, be sure to rock your new denim shirt with a pair of chinos or cords in a contrasting color (pairing with jeans is very risky).

Hey Fratshionistau,

I am in dire need of advice. With the holiday season coming around, earthy tones are just not doing it for me anymore. What do you suggest I put on for a New Year’s Eve get-together with my bros? I can’t handle the button down and jeans look anymore.

Thanks in advance,

The holidays are all about tradition, and funnily enough, tradition can be your best chance to stand out. A shawl-collar cardigan in classic holiday colors such as cream and burgundy offers a great Yule-tide look that you can rock all the way through Miley Cyrus’s performance at Times Square for New Year’s Eve (hopefully she doesn’t swing on the ball). That being said, your best bet is to match this with a white or navy button-down and some earth-toned chinos or cords. Finally, throw some leather into the mix with a pair of lace-up boots, belt, and watch straps (preferably with a watch attached).

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