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Baron Davis

The NBA point guard on the sartorial benefits of being a baller, the end of skinny jeans, and the return of the poncho.
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This dude has an eye for style.

Baron Davis may be known for his beard, but the NBA point guard is also one of the sharpest-dressed guys in the league. Proof: He has his own show, How I Rock It, Wednesdays on the Esquire Network. We got him on the phone to talk about his style icons, the next big movement in fashion, and who he nominates as the most stylish guy in either conference.

How would you describe your style?
The new American renaissance. The different time periods in American history and culture keeping up with the modern day trends of the hipster-meets-streetwear look. I consider myself a shopaholic, so it’s Barneys meets Target meets a vintage store.

How has your style has evolved over the past couple years?
I’ve simplified — not trying to make a statement all the time and not always going for the high fashion look, but just being comfortable with who I am and the things I like. I try to stay ahead of the trends rather than follow them, and that just comes with research and being a fan of people.

What’s something every guy should be wearing this winter to stay ahead of the trends?
I would like to see more guys layering a vest and a sport coat. I’d also say suspenders, and eventually some form of overalls — that’s going to be the next thing. Everyone’s going with drop crotch pants, but I think the next wave of design may include suspenders or straps.

What’s something no man should be wearing right now?
It’s time to get away from the skinny jeans.

How does your career as a basketball player influences the way you dress?
I can shop off the rack — it’s good to be an athlete because it keeps you in shape, so you can wear form fitting stuff or custom stuff that shows off your physique.

Who are your style icons?
James Baldwin, James Dean, Miles Davis, Marvin Gay, old school Bill Cosby, and Sidney Poitier. Today I would say George Clooney because he’s always sharp, and Kanye is an inspiration and a fashion icon.

Who has the best style in the NBA right now?
It’s so hard to say because everybody has their own unique thing, and there are so many dudes pushing the needle in terms of style, but overall I’d say Tyson Chandler and Amar’e Stoudemire — Amar’e is about as versatile as you can get and he’s always trying different things. Russell Westbrook may be the fashion king just because of his daring attitude and the fact that he always makes a statement.

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?
Nobody’s ever really given me advice, it’s really just me doing what I want to do. If you’re always pushing the needle you’ll find things that may or may not work, so it’s not so much the advice that helps, it’s the critique. I have a lot of great women around me who make sure that I’m always on point.

What’s on your shopping list right now?
Ponchos, vintage overalls, and suspenders. I’ve been collecting ponchos for three or four months — some are vintage, and some are from a couple companies now making them. Hanging out in downtown LA and getting that Juan Valdez vibe is what I eventually want to evolve into.

Who would you like to see featured as a Man of Style?
I like Wes Anderson’s style — he’s different. He has his own look, and nobody else can pull it off. Every time he steps out he’s an original person. I like original people.


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