Over breakfast a while back, I pitched what felt like a far-fetched idea to Bon Appetit editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport: Would he ever be interested in hosting a dinner — he could pick the venue, duh — featuring a crew of his stylish, interesting friends, which we’d then shoot and turn into a sale on Gilt Man? For some crazy reason he said hell yeah! (or that’s how I remember it), and hooked me up with BA bar and restaurant guru Andrew Knowlton. Andrew suggested Aska, Fredrik Berselius’s foraging-driven, Nordic-inspired culinary happening nestled within Kinfolk Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Not only is Aska the only NYC-based eatery to make BA‘s 2013 Hot 10 list, but it happens to feature one of the most amazingly photogenic backdrops of any restaurant this side of the Catalan coast. The sale has ended, but our behind-the-scenes video lives on, below. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Mr. Berselius’s cooking is as tasty as it is photogenic. The evening’s menu is pasted below. (We felt it best not to post calorie counts.)

Bon Appetit x Gilt Man Dinner
100-Day Dry Aged ribeye
Wild Oysters
Whole Roasted Aged Squab and Guinea Hen
Pork Roasted with Winter Spices
Whole Herb-Baked Pike
Whole Roasted Trout
Onions and Pears Baked in Burnt Leaves
Roasted Cauliflower
Fingerling Potatos
Pickled Beets
Spruce Cocktails (Check back Friday for more on these.)
Wine. Lots and Lots of Wine.

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