An Investment Briefcase

Because it does more than corral your stuff — it lets people know you mean business.

Works equally well for laptops and poison spy pens.

A work bag is not just another accessory — it expresses your worldview. A good one accompanies you everywhere, and a really good one should be at your side in important meetings, like a wartime consigliere. It’s designed to anticipate your needs, form and function elegantly combined. And no bag conveys the sense of purpose quite like the briefcase. You feel more productive just carrying one.

There is nuance within the briefcase family, as you would expect. There’s the attaché case, which has sharp corners and usually locks — essentially a very small suitcase. Another variation is sometimes called the document case — sleek, simple, with rounded edges, and less structure. This is for the man who understands that concise size isn’t a hindrance, it’s a blessing. It focuses the mind. You don’t toss things randomly into it, you stow important papers you sign with a fountain pen. You don’t rummage through a document case, you quickly come to your needed point.

People worry about losing their iPhone, but a good briefcase is so nice you’ll never leave a room without it. In From Russia With Love, James Bond carried a Swaine Adeney Brigg (above right). The English company has been making bags for 250 years, and their classic case — The MacMillan — is lined in sheepskin, has structured interior pockets, and is about the nicest thing you’ve ever seen. It’s just one of many viable options on the market. Invest — and we do mean invest — wisely, and your briefcase will give you pleasure every time you pick it up, and also when you set it down and admire its proportions. It will be made to last, to get broken-in and look even better. The man who carries a good briefcase has no unimportant meetings, and when people see him they know his priorities are in order. It’s no accident that men who take the long view make the best first impressions.

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