Friday Tastings

Jagermeister Spice (it's the bomb)

Don't be jealous, but we literally have Jager on tap in our office.

Continuing our pursuit of workplace camaraderie — not to mention an expanded palate — last week the team sampled two varieties of the good stuff — and by good stuff, we mean Jagermeister. The kind folks behind the brand sent over a Shotmeister recently which currently has pride of place in the men’s lounge, so we quite literally have Jager on tap right now. (It’s great for morale but slightly problematic for output.) We sampled the classic Jagermeister and the limited edition Jagermeister Spice, and both went down like a house on fire. In sum, when someone sends you a bunch of Jager and a fancy apparatus with which to drink it, it can work out quite nicely. Turns out not everything we learned in college was useless! Here’s what the team had to say:

“The Jagermeister Spice was really well received by the group. It was the perfect accompaniment to our pre-holiday cheer. Very festive indeed! The classic Jagermeister? Well, it smells like high school.” — Andrew Powell

“Jagermeister Spice was as smooth as molasses. It instantly warmed me up — definitely a great winter beverage!” — Alex Steege

“It was a fun fest!” — Antoinette Beauchamp

“Jagermeister spice had a phenomenal taste. Takes me back to my college days…” — Mike Jagodzinski

“I love Jagermeister almost as much as white wine.” — Matt Orosco

“The Spiced one was so good. I wanted to spike my coffee with it the next morning; except I don’t drink coffee. So maybe my chai latte?” — Lynn LaVecchia

“The spiced Jager was surprisingly sweet and just the right amount of spicy. It tasted like vanilla and cinnamon and was even nice to sip. It made for a great pre-game in the office along with the super-chilled original variety and would be a great addition to a warm holiday beverage.” — Kevin Vanasse

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