Now For Then: A Short Film by Mikey DeTemple for Jack Spade

What happens when a great New York brand taps a champion East Coast surfer-cum-filmmaker for its Spring/Summer campaign? This.

It’s been a particularly rough winter here in New York, so it’s virtually impossible to do anything without dreaming of warmer days, late nights on rooftops, and road trips to the beach. The guys at Jack Spade have obviously been feeling the same way. For their Spring/Summer campaign, they tapped surf-champ-cum-filmmaker Mikey DeTemple to create a short film which highlights the dilemma that is endless landlocked days in the city versus longboard missions with the crew. Mikey himself is seen sitting around in New York coffee shops mapping out Californian adventures, then surfing perfect little waves;  riding the subway over one body of water, but wishing it was another. The result is a beautifully shot piece that captures multiple dichotomies: Summer vs Winter; urban vs rural; inland vs the coast; vacations vs the daily grind. Doesn’t hurt that the crew is outfitted in that signature relaxed Jack Spade style. In conclusion: Stop reading, and watch the damn thing. We promise you’ll enjoy.

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