Who Was the Best-Dressed Man at the 2014 Golden Globes?

The eternal red carpet question: To go classic, or to try something new?

Award shows are fashion’s version of gladiator arenas (if such a comparison can be made) — many try, many fail, and a few come out victorious. Some of last night’s Golden Globes attendees wore classic black tuxes, some chose more risky, off-the-wall colors, and some reached for unexpected accessories (brooches, anyone?) But while, as in the gladiator world, sound fundamentals are crucial (Esquire gave Bradley Cooper in a classic midnight tux last night’s “best dressed” award), crowd-pleasing flashiness earns you points as well — which is why our money’s on Matthew McConaughey in a forest green velvet tux. Does it take guts to pull off? Hell yeah. And did he do it? Absolutely. The trick to pulling off a ballsy look like that? Keep everything else classic — the unexpected color and fabric is enough, so make sure you wear it in a classic fit with a traditional shirt, bow tie, and shoes. (Note: And it never, ever hurts to have a beautiful woman by your side.)

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