Fashion Dad: Pre-Fatherhood Jitters Edition

First in an occasional series in which Shipley & Halmos co-designer Jeff Halmos chronicles the transition from guy about town to first-time father.

The Dad-to-be perfecting his swaddling technique.

Welcome to a new occasional column in which one of our favorite New York designers will chronicle his passage from cool guy about town to harried young dad — a transition that many readers are either looking forward to experiencing one day or (in my case) look back upon fondly. It’s a moment when one’s focus shifts from self to protecting and nurturing the life you’ve just helped create, not to mention related topics such as “will anyone notice if I wear these jeans for a fourth consecutive day?” and the age-old illusion that you’re going to correct — rather than repeat — the mistakes your own father made. (Good luck with that one.)  Give Jeff’s typically honest and hilarious Pre-Fatherhood Jitters debut a read, then check back in a week or two for an update on what life is like on the other side. Oh, and if you happen to be a Shipley & Halmos fan, you won’t want to miss their latest sale on Gilt, Saturday, Feb. 8, at noon ET. — Tyler Thoreson

Hello. My name is Jeff Halmos. Some of you might know me as either (a) Joe the policeman from the “What’s Goin Down” episode of That’s My Mama, or (b) co-founder of the men’s brand Shipley & Halmos. Over the past decade-plus, I have traveled to approximately 22 countries around the world. I have eaten around 435 slices of pizza, sipped 855 glasses of bourbon and/or scotch, and consumed approximately 1,663 cookies. I’ve watched so many hours of sports — in particular Miami Heat games — that counting would take me too long. When I want to go out to dinner with my wife, go see a movie, or sing karaoke with my sister, I do. I go to bed late and sleep in when I feel like it. My friends and I take a snowboard trip to Colorado every year, which we call a “vacation” but is actually closer to an annual bachelor party. And in less than two weeks, all this will change. I’m about to become a father.

My friend and editor of this fine site, Tyler Thoreson, asked me to take some notes during the first stage of becoming a dad. There are certainly many unknowns and plenty of lessons I’ll learn along the way, some of which I’ll share with you readers. There’s no way for me to give you a sneak peek into the topics I’ll cover. Let’s face it, I’m clueless about what’s going to happen other than the fact that I’ll have a son who I’ll eventually be able to awe with stories of when weed wasn’t legal, Biggie vs. Tupac, and this funny college football ranking system called the BCS.

The only thing I do know about what’s next is this: It’s going to be an amazing, life-altering experience that I’m pretty damn excited for. More on that in the weeks ahead.

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