Shipley & Halmos Pops Up on Canal St.

The dynamic duo behind one of our favorite brands are open for business in a somewhat unlikely spot.

Take a walk down Canal Street, just south of Broadway, and you’ll be greeted by suspicious looking gents carrying handmade cards covered in pictures of Rolex watches, strange men whispering, “Louis Vuitton, Chanel,” et al to passersby, and dusty six-foot-deep kiosks selling a curious mixture of of trinkets, I <3 NY tees, and designer perfumes that look just a tad off. (For the record, we’re fairly certain it’s Calvin Klein, not Cavlin Kline.) Yes, Canal Street is the home of New York City’s thriving counterfeit goods black market.

But opening tomorrow, there’s a new store on the street, opened by the quirky duo behind Shipley & Halmos. On first glance, it resembles its neighbors — shot glasses, graphic tees, beer koozies, and key-chains a-plenty hang in its entrance. But a closer look reveals that signature Shipley & Halmos wit: Those tee shirts proclaim Fuckin’ Shipley & Fuckin’ Halmos, the beer koozies dictate precisely which American breweries are allowed to be placed inside its hallowed form, and coffee cups state “I WENT TO CANAL STREET & ALL I GOT WAS MUGGED”. Walk through, and you’ll find the full Shipley & Halmos collection hanging in a room that looks quite unlike the other inhabitants on the block. (Spoiler alert: That was the point.)

“When we first arrived, this place was a mess,” says Jeff Halmos. “There was nasty linoleum on the ground, awful flatboard everywhere, and it looked exactly like the store next door. We painted the floor white, we pulled off the flatboard and found exposed brick behind it, so that was a major bonus, and we built custom wood modular fixtures, with pegboard for the displays.”

The result? A space that looks good enough to go the distance. Sadly, though, it’s to be a short-lived affair. “We had one goal — to make it not look like a pop-up,” says Halmos. Consider it achieved. Well-played, guys, well-played.

The Shipley & Halmos pop-up store will run from 11am-6:00pm daily from February 4-23, and is located at 385 Canal Street. Get in the game.

And if you’re looking for something a little less parental advisory and a little more office-friendly, shop Shipley & Halmos on Gilt Saturday, February 8th.

Click through for some of our favorite pop-up products available at the Canal Street store.

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