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Just because they're hidden most of the day doesn't mean they're not an important part of what you wear. Herein lies an underwear guide for the well-dressed man

Racy red — not just for Ferraris anymore!

Is it a mere coincidence that both GQ and Esquire feature — ahem — particularly impressive underwear packages this month? Did the stars align, did the authorities that be get together and sort this out on gents’ behalves, or have enough women complained about the state of men’s skivvies that somebody had to write the definitive guide? Whatever happened, to the boys at both magazines, we salute you. And to you, the dear reader, here’s a little breakdown of what we learned.

Out with the old
Boxer shorts are out. This is the age of the low-rise boxer brief, or the straight up brief.
Blame it on the tightness of men’s pants these days. Boxers are still co-signed for sleeping in, but that’s it. Also, satin is never okay. Alright, maybe on Christmas Day, but that’s seriously it.

Rock out with your pop out
Don’t be afraid of stripes, colors, or patterns, but do try and steer clear of obnoxious brand names on waistbands that’ll overpower your smalls. Also, there’s nothing wrong with keeping things classic down below in white, black, or gray, but red is always a good option.

Sweat the small stuff
Keep separate pairs in your gym bag so you’re not sweating your ass off (literally) once you go back to the office.

The future perfect
Who knew, but men’s underwear manufacturers are on a constant race to uncover new technologies and materials that’ll keep you fresh, well-shaped, comfortable, and aligned. So don’t hesitate to try something new when it comes on the market, like nylon mesh or silk. (Just joking about the silk.)

Dollar dollar bills y’all
The most expensive pair that GQ found came in at a cool $81, by Swiss brand Zimmerli. But if you’d prefer to keep your benjamins for clothing people will actually see, that’s where we come in…

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