Spring Trends

Flipping The Lens

For the latest installment in our spring trends series, we put photographer Adam Katz in front of the camera to showcase the season's best athletic-inspired looks.
Adam Katz Sinding, on the other side of the camera.

Photo: Andy Ryan

Technically speaking, Adam Katz Sinding is a street style photographer. But he’s really a photographer who happens to shoot people who happen to be on the street. In a world where anyone with a camera can call himself a street style photographer, Adam stands out. Both for the quality of his photographs — check out his site, Le 21eme, for ample evidence of his talents — and for the way he himself dresses. Think: fashionable with a strong focus on function. Which makes sense, because the California native (who did stints in San Fran, Seattle, and Paris, before settling in New York City), travels constantly for the job. Right now he’s in Ukraine, the week after he flies to Sydney, the week after that he’s back to the States for Coachella.

“I’m pretty easy, I just wear what I can move in and do my job,” he says. “Sometimes I get something a bit more ‘forward’ and I try to make it work, but being on the street shooting on your knees, running etc, you quickly learn what works and what doesn’t. You see I sell a lot of nearly new stuff on eBay after a short trial period. Function is important.”

We concur. As a photographer of the well-dressed set, he’s got pretty strong opinions on what looks good, and surprise surprise, he’s not calling out the brand new hottest designers on the scene. “Wear what works for you,” he says. “Wear what expresses yourself. Everyone’s style evolves over time, I’ve worn lots of stuff because it was ‘in’ and probably looked like a fool. Get over fads, and just try to show who you are without having to use words.”

His final words of wisdom? “Travel.” Can’t argue with that.

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