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Hugh and Crye

The DC-based brand that's revolutionizing perfectly fitting men's dress shirts, one torso at a time.

In medieval times, civilians who witnessed a crime were bound by common law to make hue and cry (in modern terms: cause a ruckus), so that other able-bodied men could assist in the apprehension of the offender. Those who didn’t were deemed guilty by association (and those who falsely made hue and cry would be charged with a crime, too). So when Pranav Vora and Philip Soriano were looking at creating the perfect men’s dress shirt and noticed that most brands’ one-size-fits-all approach wasn’t cutting it for slim or athletically built guys, they knew exactly what they had to do. Step one: Make Hugh and Crye. Step two: “We created a new sizing approach for men’s shirts, based on the body types of lean and athletically built guys,” says Pranav. “We size our shirts based on two components of your torso: ­ the overall height of your torso — is it short, average, or tall; and how broad you are  — skinny, slim, athletic, or broad in your upper body.”

In order to assist their customer to figure out the style of shirt that would best fit his particular body type, Messers Vora and Soriano came up with a simple diagram to help. As you’ll see, there are 12 different fits to choose from, encompassing just about every torso combination you can imagine — short and skinny to tall and broad.

Check the sizing chart below, then shop Hugh and Crye on Gilt >

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