Spring Trends

The Wild One

Meet our latest model, Victor Paguia: well-dressed dude, solid guy, and professional stuntman.

When we were looking for a suitable model to showcase the bad-ass leather jackets of the season, our lead stylist Melina Kemph suggested her friend Victor. He’s a stylish guy, she said, and also: a stuntman. As for how Mr. Paguia came to the line of work, he calls it a “mystery,” adding “I got in through the acrobatic/gymnastics world but other stuntmen can come from a variety of backgrounds like martial arts. But coming from an appropriate background isn’t enough. You have to put yourself out there and get noticed, hopefully meet someone who knows someone that can get you your first job.” So far it’s working out pretty well for Victor, who’s worked on some of the biggest movie franchises of the past decade, including Batman, Men In Black, Indiana Jones, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

As far as his personal style goes, he keeps it simple. “My clothes generally all end up looking the same,” he says. “But whatever I wear I make sure it fits well.” His take on the leather jacket? “Wear it over a T-shirt and jeans.” Who are we to argue.

As for our model’s favorite way to risk life and limb, “getting set on fire is pretty cool,” he says. “And crashes are fun. But my favorite stunt was probably crashing in a car, getting ejected from it and flying through a shop window.” Us too.

Shop the Leather Jacket on Gilt Saturday, March 22 at noon ET >

But before you do, check out some of Victor’s death defying stunts in his reel, below.

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