Spring Trends

Checking in with Nick Nemechek

Our latest spring trends model isn't just co-founder of the home design site TRNK — he's also a Gilt alumnus.

We’ve known Nick Nemechek for a while — the Seattle native was a Gilt MAN staffer from the early days. He left in 2012 and launched TRNK with his partner (and fellow Gilt alum) Tariq Dixon, in January 2013. So what is TRNK? Essentially, the site aims to help today’s style conscious guys do for their homes what they’ve already done for their wardrobes. It’s full of inspirational profiles of all manner of stylish gents, from writer Sean Hotchkiss to Unionmade owners Carl Chiara and Todd Barket, plus a curated selection of furniture, housewares, furniture, and objets d’art.

Nick’s own wardrobe is filled with shades of black, gray, and navy, with a preference for laid-back comfort. As for plaid, it’s definitely easier to work into your wardrobe than your home decor, but “a set of plaid Japanese indigo accent pillows would look great on a bed or sofa,” Nemechek says. Any other advice on how guys can improve our living spaces? “Without spending a ton of money, little things — like styling your coffee table with a few books, accent pillows, and a throw on your couch, and buying a few plants, can quickly change a space,” he says. “Look to invest in furniture pieces with lasting design heritage. I believe a room should feel collected, not decorated — so don’t overthink it.”

Shop lightweight plaids, as modeled by Mr. Nick Nemechek, Saturday at noon ET >

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