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Solid & Striped's Apricot Swim Trunks

It dawned on me recently that I don’t own a raincoat. This wouldn’t normally pose too much of a problem in New York City because it doesn’t rain that often, but over the past few months it rained all the damn time, and according to ye Old Farmer’s Almanac, this summer is going to be a very wet one. So I’ve been thinking about raincoats, and after some careful consideration, I made the decision that classic yellow is the only way to go. But I digress. As the weather heats up, the water we’re supposed to be thinking about is that which is found at beaches and in swimming pools and not falling from the sky. Swimming trunks are a must. But with so many varieties on offer, which pair to buy? My money’s going on this pair of bright yellow trunks by New York-based brand Solid & Striped. They’re that classic above-the-knee fit, they’ll stand out from the crowd, and best of all, if the skies do indeed open, at least I know they’ll go perfectly with my raincoat.

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