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Strong Suit

We spoke to founder Jamie Davidson about how suits are the new denim, fully canvassed tailoring, and the menswear scene in Little Rock, Ak.

Just two seasons old, Strong Suit is beginning to make waves among men’s style circles for its great looking — and fully canvassed — suits at surprisingly low prices. Read below for more information about how the brand came to be..

What’s the background of Strong Suit? What was the initial impetus behind starting the brand?
I started working on Strong Suit a couple of years ago. I felt like the market timing was right in that guys were starting to pay a lot more attention to fit and details but more importantly that independent retailers needed a way to A) sell to that customer and B) have some way of cultivating a younger guy.

What differentiates Strong Suit from other offerings on the market?
Well aside from the differentiation of fit and detail it’s really our quality. There are very few canvas front suits on the market for less than $1000. Let alone $600.

How have you managed to do a fully canvassed suit and keep the price point so low?
Our sourcing strategy has been to find small craftsman level factories that are interested in growing their business. We partner with them and it’s good for both of us.

What’s the menswear scene like in Little Rock? How does coming from Arkansas inform what you do?
Little Rock is an interesting town. There are three really good mens specialty stores here. There are big cities that don’t have that kind of quality.  I think any time you are in a creative endeavor your environment informs your process. We don’t live in a fashion bubble here so it’s not about which way the daily trends are blowing.

I’ve heard you say that you design suits for guys who don’t have to wear them, but want to wear them. Can you speak to that?
I really believe that suits are becoming like denim. At one time it was a commodity. But as they become more versatile in a guys wardrobe and he begins mixing tailored with casual it becomes as much a want as a need.

What are the best sellers in the range?
Basics are very important to our customer. He is building his wardrobe but he doesn’t want his dad’s suit. We can give him the look he wants. Our tuxedo business is very strong.

What are you wearing from the range right now?
I’m giving a talk tonight at a university and I’m wearing our chocolate brown linen/wool chalk stripe with a peak lapel and patch pockets.

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