Father's Day 2014

Change Is Good

Every young dad needs a sound investment strategy. We're here to help.

The older you get the less you tend to know, but here’s something I know for damn sure: Becoming a dad forces a man to take a hard look at his priorities. That heli skiing trip to Chile you were thinking of taking in August? Or that time you thought about buying a boat? Yeah, not gonna happen. Not when you realize that, fifteen years from now, a single year at a fair-to-middling private college will cost enough to feed a Somali family of seventeen for four decades. But have no fear (or at least less fear), because my Gilt Man colleagues and I have developed a breakthrough way to help the young father of today navigate these treacherous financial waters. By which I mean we’ve teamed up with Chris and Kirk Bray of Billykirk to create a leather change tray that has a little fun with this whole absurd situation.

That’s it, above. “The word daunting comes to mind,” Chris Bray said with a rueful laugh when asked whether he was excited about paying for college. As a father of three young kids myself, I’ll call that a bit of an understatement. But still, a man — even one with his priorities straight — needs a cold one on occasion. “Beer is camaraderie, and with that comes inspiration,” says Bray. “That’s vital for men. We have to get out with our boys. Otherwise we just wither away.” Not gonna argue there.

Pick up one of these limited edition trays — for a fiscally responsible $35 — on Gilt Man this Saturday at noon ET >

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