1. These jeans live up to their name.
They are quite literally unbranded: no back pocket stitching, no logo on the patch, not even a logo on the label on the inside of the jeans.

2. You’re paying for the product, not the big brand marketing.
While other companies compete based on image, ad campaigns and celebrity endorsements, The Unbranded Brand decided to do the opposite. “We think overpriced, over-marketed jeans are silly,” says founder Bahzad Trinos. “That’s why we’ve stripped our jeans down to the core essentials: a great fit, solid construction and top quality selvedge denim. By eliminating all the unnecessary, we’re able to sell a better product at a better price.”

3. Does Bahzad’s name sound familiar? That’s because he’s the guy behind Naked & Famous Denim, too.
True story.

4. So you can rest assured you’re getting your money’s worth.
Bahzad personally oversees all fabric development and garment design, and that’s not all. Unbranded jeans feature vintage style construction methods like hidden rivets in the back pockets for extra durability that you can see on the inside of the jeans, but not the outside. The hems are finished on the famous Union Special 43200G. This machine is absolutely essential in producing vintage reproduction style jeans.

5. They’re Canadian.
The Unbranded Brand comes straight outta Canada just like its Naked & Famous counterpart, and the family behind the brands have been designing and working with denim for over six decades, so it’s safe to say they know what’s up.

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