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Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Is a bottle of Blue Label the ultimate Father's Day gift? An exclusive Gilt MANual investigation.

We’ve sampled a lot of amazing spirits over the years for our Friday Tastings column, but until recently we hadn’t yet had a chance to sample the legendary Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Our friends at Gilt City helped us correct this grievous injustice the other day. The occasion? A very cool offer that includes free shipping on an engraved bottle of Blue Label, two gorgeous — and very substantial — whisky tumblers, all for $229. If that sounds like a damn solid Father’s Day gift, we’re inclined to agree.

Photo: Christopher Wallace

As for the whisky itself? It didn’t disappoint. Rich, deeply aromatic, and incredibly layered, Blue Label is balanced with the subtlest hint of smoke. It demands attention, and rewards a long, slow, savoring sip. But don’t just take our word for it. Bryan Zupon, our in-house foodie, pronounced it “incredibly integrated” and “silky smooth, with warming spices and the faintest hint of smoke through toasted vanilla.” Lauren Perry, who helped put the City offer together (so okay, she’s maybe a little biased), picked up notes of sandalwood and caramel, and compared the whisky’s aroma to a multi-layered Tom Ford fragrance. Her colleague Vince Blais concurred: “The nose is out of control!” Added Antoinette Beauchamp on the men’s team: “I almost prefer it neat…and I never say that.”

However you prefer it, and whether you’re buying for a father, a husband, or yourself, now’s a very good time to pick up a bottle. Head over to Gilt City right now for more on how to do just that.


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