Doug and Ben Burkman grew up together in Canada (being brothers and all), designed together (at Gap Inc.), and now, helm an eponymous line perfectly suited to the ex-pat prep schooler, dharma bumming it through post-colonial India. Turns out, their interests and backgrounds are even more varied than a brief bio like that would indicate. We reached out to get the essential details — including their respective roles in the company, the celebrities who love their pieces, and where they get all those amazing prints.

1) Burkman Bros is not just a name — they’re three real-life brothers (and a small army of advisors and interns). Doug and Ben both design the collection, and Greg is the manger of e-commerce as well as shipments and orders. For their secondary roles, Doug is the Instagram king (@burkmanbros, @_digdoug), Ben is the office deejay, and Greg keeps the team fueled with Starbucks runs.

2) They’re inspired by travel, experiences, and adventure. From hiking in Hawaii to exploring markets of all kinds in Asia, the Burkman brothers are always on the move — they each rack up over 100,000 miles a year.

3) They like visiting places that are off the beaten path: Lamu island off the coast of Kenya and Lhasa, Tibet, just to name a couple.

4) The brothers design and develop all of their interesting prints and patterns themselves — and all of their fabrics are made by artisan weavers in India.

5) Shortly after starting their company, they were nominated as GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers in America. Following that, they graduated from the CFDA Incubator program, and are now settled in their offices high above NYC’s Garment District.

6) Celebrities love their cool, casual take on menswear: James Franco, Kanye West, and Ryan Reynolds are all fans. Their pieces have also been on a wide range of TV shows, including Orange is the New Black, American Horror Story, and Glee. But the best thing about the brand? You can get it all, here.

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