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Nintendo 2DS™ with Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Kirby Mass Attack and Case
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Nintendo 2DS™ with Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Kirby Mass Attack and Case

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EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Includes the new Nintendo 2DS™, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Kirby Mass Attack and Case

**Nintendo 2DS™ and Case**
The new Nintendo 2DS™ system gives anyone looking for their first portable gaming device the chance to experience the full library of Nintendo's biggest titles. The Nintendo 2DS plays a huge library of over 2100 Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo 3DS, ™ and Nintendo eShop games in 2D.
Play fan-favorite portable titles like Animal Crossing™: New Leaf, New Super Mario Bros. ™ 2, and Mario Kart™ 7, Pokémon™ X and Y, The Legend of Zelda™: A Link Between Worlds, and Mario Party™: Island Tour. Take pictures, play online, access Nintendo eShop and more for a price too good to pass up. Great for fun-seekers of all ages, Nintendo 2DS is the new must-have system for everyone in your family.

* Play the best games at the lowest price with the Nintendo 2DS™ system
* Plays the latest portable Nintendo games in 2D
* Great for first-time gamers of all ages
* Plays over 2100 Nintendo DS™, Nintendo 3DS ™, and Nintendo eShop games in 2D
* Game trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners. Nintendo properties are trademarks of Nintendo.

**Paper Mario: Sticker Star™**
Stickers are everywhere, and Mario™ must collect stickers to uncover hidden paths, defeat enemies, and repair the kingdom. Stickers are the backbone to Mario's journey as they are also used during battle. The shinier the sticker, the more powerful the effect! It's up to the player to use their stickers wisely, all while studying and solving the enemy's attack patterns. There are even lifelike items like scissors and faucets that can be transformed into stickers that can deal a ton of damage to enemies or open new areas to explore. In a first for the series, there are no experience points, so finding power-ups to make Mario stronger is super important!
The world of Paper Mario™ is brought to life as Mario's world takes on the look of a playful diorama. As Mario gets to know a hilarious cast of characters and enemies, players can shift their view in the level to place stickers in the environment to overcome obstacles and reveal surprises!


* In a twist to the Paper Mario™ franchise, collecting stickers are the key to solving puzzles
* The action-packed battle system runs on stickers--the exact same stickers you find around the world
* Players must carefully select their stickers in battle; the more shiny the sticker, the more powerful the attack
* A flat world pops to life, as if Paper Mario™: Sticker Star was practically made for 3D
* A colorful cast of characters will make you laugh at every turn
* Players level-up Mario™ by finding hidden items, beating bosses, and fulfilling quests
* The new Battle Spinner can turn the tide of the battle in an instant. Align three slots and instead of using one sticker a turn, you'll get to use three stickers at once!

**Kirby™ Mass Attack**
The world of Popstar is in peril, and Kirby is in 10 times the trouble! In his latest adventure on the Nintendo DS™ system, Kirby must defend his home from the evil Necrodeus, a mysterious creature from space that has come to take Popstar for his own. To deal with the only threat to his plans, Necrodeus has divided Kirby into 10 weaker versions of himself. Help Kirby rally this new hoard of heroes in a journey to defeat Necrodeus, free Popstar and return Kirby to his usual self!
The Kirby Mass Attack game has 10 times the Kirby, and 10 times the fun! Featuring unique stylus controls, players can flick, tap, and draw paths to guide their crew of Kirby characters past obstacles and against enemies. With over five worlds to explore, each containing hidden paths and medals, Kirby Mass Attack is an adventure that will keep you coming back for more!


* Take control of a crew of Kirby characters with unique and intuitive stylus controls.
* Flick, tap, and draw right on the Touch Screen to help a mob of Kirby characters defeat massive enemies and overcome obstacles.
* Gobble up fruit to amass up to 10 Kirby characters to work as a giant fighting team!
* Over 50 levels to explore, including hidden paths and stages.
* Imaginative in-game challenge checklists extend your game and unlock surprises!
* Find and collect hidden medals scattered throughout the game world to unlock bonus content.
* Dozens of enemies are waiting to challenge the Kirby crew.
* A story starring everyone's favorite pink puffball.