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Performance eyewear for extreme athletes and wannabes alike. From anti-fog, impact-resistant snowboarding goggles to polychromatic lenses that improve depth perception in water, the list of patented technologies goes on. Suffice it to say that Smith Optics is the source for tricked-out shades. Founded in 1965 by Dr. Smith, an orthodontist from Sun Valley, Idaho, who made goggles by hand with dental tools and foam, the line has gone on to set the industry standard for excellence. For less-than-extreme athletes, these chunky frames have hipster status and prescription-lens capacity. The ultimate in eyewear technology brought to you by the ultimate eyewear gearheads.

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Sale Ended February 15, 2010

Smith Optics

With Smith Optics sunglasses, you won’t be able to blame poor vision when you wipe out on the slopes. These high-performance lenses resist scratches and have an anti-fog coating, while a special urethane compound in the frames helps them conform tightly to your face.

Sale Ended August 28, 2010

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Sale Ended December 10, 2009


Serious on the slopes? Get geared up with the ultimate in performance-based goggles and skis. Smith Optics utilizes cutting-edge, weather-blasting technology to make the advantage yours even in the most extreme conditions. Swiss-made Stockli skis are professional-grade and World Cup-tested so they’re engineered to meet the demands of every course, from deep powder to hard terrain. Carbon fiber Bern helmets are an athlete's go-to for head protection.