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It’s Swarovski’s world, and we’re all just living in it. Named after Czech glassmaker Daniel Swarovski — who in 1892 invented a glass-cutting machine that revolutionized the crystal-making industry — this Austrian company develops crystals used in every imaginable setting: precision binoculars, grinding tools, road reflectors, the chandeliers at the Palace of Versailles, clothing, interior fittings, Philips headphones and USB memory drives, art exhibitions, even crystal-based theme parks (Swarovski’s own Crystal Worlds facility in Wattens, Austria). Yet most people recognize Swarovski as the world’s leading designer of high-end crystal jewelry and watches. From shimmering bangle watches encrusted in pavé "crystal mesh" to the more sparsely decorated Lovely Crystal and Octea series, Swarovski’s timepieces epitomize elegance. Jewelry, picture frames and home accessories, eyeglasses, crystal figurines, and beautifully packaged fragrances are some of Swarovski’s various other glittering products, which are so beloved that the company has created a special club for collectors: the hundreds-of-thousands-strong Crystal Society.

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Sale Ended April 29, 2010

Jewelry & Watches by Swarovski

When it comes to razzle-dazzle, Swarovski crystals give diamonds a run for their money. Brooches blooming with whimsical hearts and butterflies and wonderful watches encrusted in crystal have all the glitter of precious gems but none of the financial commitment. So glam it up with drop earrings, statement rings and beaded collar necklaces. There’s even a crystallized headband among this dazzling bunch.

Sale Ended December 03, 2010

Swarovski Jewelry

Few things say "holiday" like the glitz and glimmer of Swarovski crystals. These sparklers come in eclectic styles, from multi-pendant chains to sculptural, amorphous earrings, to rings of craggily, organic-looking stones. Sure to be snatched up in seconds is the bib necklace, comprised of rainbow-hued chandelier crystals and a delicate ring with dangling, teardrop-shaped stones.

Sale Ended July 03, 2010

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